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What is LOUNGE?

Ever wondered if the person you just passed in the park is single and may share similar interests with you? Or if the person that is sitting a few tables away in the restaurant is looking to meet someone? If you are looking for spontaneous encounters and are tired of swiping left and right, LOUNGE is the right fit for you. LOUNGE is a Smartphone app that provides a live dating experience to our customers, who can connect and meet people in their immediate environment. Once both of you have confirmed the match you can either message each other or, even better, make the first move on the spot – your match is likely still very close. LOUNGE users will be provided with an upfront indication whether the interest in meeting each other is mutual.


What do we value? 

Privacy is our customers top priority; we understand and feel the same way about it. That is why your private data will only be stored on your own smartphone and will never be shared with third parties. 


How does it work? 

LOUNGE uses your Smartphone’s Bluetooth to detect users in your immediate environment. If both user's profiles match, they will receive a private notification on their Smartphones. Only if both users confirm the match, the chat function will be made available so you can connect privately. When you’re using LOUNGE the geo-location will not be used – your location is private and none of our business – all you need to turn on is your Bluetooth.

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